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Partnership with the hotel Castellano

A few words about Castellano

Castellano Hotel & Suites is a neoclassical building of the 19th century. It has excellent architecture, unique and thoughtful interior design with beautiful and welcoming entrance. Situated in the heart of the historic town of Nafplio, on Syntagma Square, just a few steps from the picturesque port.

Castellano Hotel & Suites consists of 7 luxurious rooms including 2 Superior Rooms, 4 Junior Suites, 1 Queen Suite and 1 apartment 160 sq.m. the “Grande Castellano”.
They are all equipped with high quality facilities and offer comfort thus inviting our guests to relax in a beautiful and elegant environment and enjoy a unique accommodation experience. The televisions reflect from the mirror. Some rooms have an impressive bathtub and some have shower cabins. The colors are delicate, the carpets are soft and velvety and finally the atmosphere is tranquil with a subtle touch of elegance and charm.

Σχετικά με εμάς

Το γραφείο Γενικού Τουρισμού ΤΑΞΙΔΙΑ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΜΟΣ ΕΠΕ – ANYLAND TRAVEL, η νέα δυναμική παρουσία του ταξιδιωτικού κλάδου, ιδρύθηκε τον Μάρτιο του 2005 από στελέχη με επαγγελματική πείρα από το 1980 και εδρεύει στον Πειραιά από το 2005.

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